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Musa-May Pledge Drive!

In Uncategorized on May 14, 2010 at 8:13 pm
As the summer air creeps in & the trees come back to life; it’s a time to remember a life near and dear to our heart; the Muse for The Musary, John Ryan Pike. For the last few weeks of May we’re hoping everyone will participate in our “Musa-May” Pledge Drive; to encourage family & friends to donate just $10 in your name or in memory of John to The Musary.



What you need to do:

1. Simply enter your contact info (click on “Just Start Here Link” below); just by doing this you’ll receive a Musary Recycling Tote & CD of Compilations from Beckstein &Bouviac (Rich Boviac was a pseudonym used by John Ryan Pike). THAT’S RIGHT… No donations need to be raised to receive this gift; simply enter your contact information below! So easy right?

2. Receive The Musary plege email to forward to your family & friends requesting pledges of  just $10 in your name;

3. Have $200 pledged in your name & receive a special engraved Musary 2GB Ipod shuffle OR

4. Have $500 pledged in your name & receive special engraved Musary 8GB Ipod Touch!

Just start Here!


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